The evil of terrorism has captured Kashmir in its diabolical grip. The youth of this region which has been bereft of both wealth and opportunity are radicalized by the call to arms declared by several terror outfits. Young Altaaf who was unfortunately assaulted by Indian army personnel is seething with vengeance. Since he is blinded by hatred, Altaaf is conveniently manipulated by wicked people with sinister motives. Fate sets up an encounter between him and Bhavana – a widow whose husband was eliminated by the terror outfit which Altaf is a part of.

Initially perplexed to be in this situation both Altaf and Bhavana find comfort in each other’s presence. Bhavana’s simple ways open Altaaf’s eyes and he undergoes a fundamental transformation. This forces him to question the violent ways perpetrated by his vicious collaborators. He realizes that the true meaning of Jihad doesn’t lie in violence but in something else.

WINNER Best Actress Indian Feature Film
Rakesh Parmaar
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