Project Title Synopsis Duration Country Language Trailer URL Award
Noir Brothers In a frenetic, chaotic and disordered Catania, Renny and François, the second impeccable and the first decidedly off-putting, are the right men to solve the strangest and most desperate cases imaginable. 0:09:31 Italy Italian Best Comedy Short
DEPTH OF PYAAR With over 50 Awards Win, A film about two brothers - Yash is a charismatic young lawyer frustrated in his pursuit of justice, while Ansh is a social recluse due to his medical limitations - and how their lives are overturned when a sociopathic criminal targets them and their loved ones. Both are forced to make decisions about how far they will go for the people whom they love. 1:33:06 Canada English, Hindi, Russian Best Crime Feature
Shout Down The Silence Shout Down The Silence is the new controversial single by Jeremy Harry Harris. Written during the Covid-19 lockdown this song explores the social distancing that we have really adopted and he's not talking about 1.5 metres. He's talking about the level of disconnectedness that we as families, communities, cities, states. provinces, countries and on a global level, have allowed ourselves to become the norm. This song is a social commentary on what happens when we lose sight of connectedness and the hope of what we can achieve if we seek understanding, unity and above all peaceful, open and thought provoking discussion amongst ourselves. The accompanying video to the single explores through metaphors, the various social interactions we as individuals and as a collective engage in, irrespective of race, colour, creed, religious beliefs or social stature. Using compelling visual imagery taken from archival footage and from current activities around the globe, the music video highlights the harsh reality of what is happening in the world today and challenges the viewer to confront their own prejudices, their own thought pathways, and their own beliefs. It demonstrates that we seldom move far from the actions of the past and we continue to relive these events but only after society reaches a "tipping point" and emotion over runs us. Combined with the lyrics of the song, Jeremy Harry Harris paints a sobering picture that few would ever consider happening to anyone, let alone to themselves or to their loved ones. The divisive nature of the media, politics, herd mentality, fear and consequence are all explored whilst leaving room for the seed of hope to be planted, nurtured and upheld by future generations. This video and song invites everyone to consider their role in creating unity for a better future. We Are The Beacon of Hope and we can learn to Shout Down The Silence. #shoutdownthesilence #wearethebeaconofhope #jeremyharryharris 0:10:51 Australia English   Best Song
Instantglam Story Cadereyta de Montes in Mexico, 2020, a happy-looking couple comes back home for lunch but instead of spending time together - offline, they are completely absorbed by improving their self-image on social media. 0:09:43 Mexico Spanish Official Selection
Sur'vi During a time of nomadic civilization, a woman traveling through the wilderness alone comes across a young orphaned girl and must take her to safety while fighting off marauders. 0:12:00 United States English Best Sci-Fi Short
Road 721 Road 721 is an allegory about global warming. Set in a number of California forests it tells the tale of Sam, a photo journalist from Los Angeles whose dream has been to write an essay about the state of forestry in the Redwoods as well as other wooded areas in the Western United States. What he encounters on his journey is mysterious, puzzling and ultimately terrifying. Road 721 is an environmental ghost story. A cautionary tale about our careless attitude toward the natural world and what occurs as a result of it. 0:25:13 United States English Official Selection
The Daily - Pilot A college newspaper reporter discovers a conspiracy at her university, and must maneuver the politics of journalism to get the story out into the world. 0:13:00 United States     Official Selection
Lured Logline: In Russia, vigilante groups lure gay men via the Internet and Phone Apps and abduct them in order to "out" them, humiliate them, often torture them. And these gangs capture the encounters on video to post on social media. In LURED, one group decides to turn the tables. Synopsis In a dank apartment in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2014, Valentin, a very angry young man, waits with Zhanna and Yuri for the arrival of Sergei. The three each have a role in a planned ambush. Yuri is to help neutralize Sergei. Zhanna will capture the footage on her iPhone. Valentin, armed with a gun, will taunt and question Sergei. Things go to plan as the gruff, confused Sergei is interrogated, has his sexuality questioned and experiences a reverse déjà vu. We soon realize that Valentin and his small gang are not an anti-hate group targeting gays. They’re actually seeking revenge for one of their own who was indeed tortured by Sergei and his girlfriend and leader of the St. Petersburg chapter of “Occupy Pedophilia,” Tatiana. Sergei is stripped of his dignity and clothes and forced to do harm to himself. Tatiana has been summoned. Flashback to three weeks earlier as we see Tatiana preparing to entrap her prey, a 22-year old Dmitry. Tatiana is aided by Sergei and good-looking bait, Evgeny, who is being paid for his services. Dmitry arrives and is quickly treated in a degrading and humiliating manner because of his sexuality; all of it captured on video by Evgeny. But when Dmitry tries to fight back, Tatiana’s pride is hurt and she allows Sergei to ratchet up the affliction. The results are horrific. Flashforward to Valentin confronting Tatiana. And things escalating. 73 Pages United States English   Official Selection
Daytime Nightmare “Lucy’s life spirals out of control when her own mind turns against her and her nightmares become her daymares.” Aspiring actress Lucy finds her life crippled by intense migraines while taking a strong painkillers provided by her housemate Sara. The headaches develop into terrifying visions of friends and strangers repeatedly killing her. When her ghostly inner self follows her into the real world, Lucy pops more of pills, desperate to shake it. A doctor attributes her worsening condition to exhaustion, despite a history of family schizophrenia. Lucy endures an endless cycle of murders, every time waking up seconds later. She finds herself in a loop of bizarre hallucinations. Dazed by medication, Lucy realises that she’s now living inside her own worst nightmare, her only companion is her spectral double. 1:25:00 United Kingdom English Best Actress
Catherine's Kindergarten Catherine’s Kindergarten is the story of a mother’s emotional journey to confront her grief after the death of her only child, juxtaposed with her physical journey to a Nepalese mountain village to open a school in memory of her daughter. I am that mother. My grief journey began twenty years ago when I left my home in Australia for the anonymity of San Francisco. I remember lying awake in my attic apartment, in a gracious Victorian overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, hearing the moaning of foghorns guiding ships home. I felt adrift, with no safe harbour, and my gut whirled with guilt and shame: I’d failed as a mother to protect my child. In San Francisco, I met Prakash, a young Nepalese student. Born in Lalu, a remote village nestled in the shadow of the snow-capped Himalayans, he had suffered great losses too. When he shared his vision of building ten schools in the district surrounding his village, I was inspired and wrote a children’s picture book to fund a kindergarten in memory of my daughter. Once the school was completed, I flew to Kathmandu. From there, I boarded a tiny plane to Western Nepal, then hired a car to drive into the mountains, and the following morning, hiked tirelessly to reach Lalu. I had invited an American friend to accompany me and film the journey. James turned out to be the perfect companion —good-humoured, resourceful and unbeknownst to me, a talented cinematographer. By the time we arrived in the village, I was exhausted and feeling vulnerable. Stripped of all familiar supports including friends, yoga classes and a meditation community— even basic needs like running water, electricity and Western bathrooms. Alone in my mountain hut, I had a meltdown thirty minutes before the start of the official ceremony to open Catherine’s Kindergarten and the adjoining hostel for orphans. “It’s a good thing I’ve done,” I sobbed, “but it won’t bring my daughter back.” 1:10:00 Australia English Best Drama Feature
nameless Experimental short developed in the spirit of 'the universe in a single atom'. This film is an animation made entirely from extreme close-up images of 3 large jellyfish. Anything is possible? Everything is possible. Official Selection - 7 International Festivals. Award Winner Animation - 2 International Festivals and Experimental Award Winner - 2 International Festivals. (Canada 19:46) 0:19:46 Canada Best Experimental Short
Review In a video message, a girl invites other women to have sex with her boyfriend, but only if they leave her a review after. 110 Pages United States English   Official Selection
Nasir and The Others The story of addicted children living in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia that has been struggling with civil war and terrorism for years... Having lost his mother when he was seven years old and been living on the streets since then, Nasır is only one of the young people victimized by clashes in Somalia. Nasır and his friends strive to survive on the protocol road called “KM4” located between the buildings of Presidency and Prime Ministry of Somalia. The documentary questions whether Nasır and his friends, who have been engaged in numerous crimes like purse snatching, injuring, pickpocketing in addition to substance addiction under the difficult conditions of the street, will be able to find a way out of this life full of hardships. 0:32:00 Turkey Somali   Official Selection
NOTEBOOK An old notebook belong to the past will be found by Maurizio in public park and it will turn on the curse to him. The notebook has been created by a young girl (Patricia Sziuk)has been missing since 1987 and she will back again after 20 years from her disappearance. 0:04:28 Malta English Official Selection
MO MO is a film about a determined single mother who gives up on her dream of becoming a musician and desperately takes a job as an English as a Second Language teacher to pay the rent. This job ends up opening her eyes to a familiar language and that language is called music; something that we all need in our lives. We all know that music is a universal language but realizing that it’s also helps people learn languages is pretty amazing. 0:16:48 United States English Best Short
Face Painters Logline: When an undertaker, haunted by a questionable past, succumbs to dementia, his illiterate son reluctantly brings in his slick brother to save the business but confronts an even greater adversary along the way — his own past. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Synopsis: Face Painters is a dual narrative, multi-generational epic set in two eras in the lives of the Gravetti family. The present is 1963 Brooklyn. Luca is losing his battle with dementia, and Buono, a masterful casket maker and full-blown illiterate, must juggle both the family’s ailing funeral home and his dear father. When bills start piling up and the hearse is repossessed, Buono succumbs and reluctantly brings in his estranged brother, Michael—with all the smarts of a Wall Street whiz kid, but plagued by booze and racist dogma. The two immediately clash over how best to run the business—by Buono’s traditional ways, or with Michael’s modern-day vanity of profits above all. Meanwhile, an infamous event triggers one last memory in Luca, setting him off on a journey of love and redemption. The past is 1928 Tuscany. Buono reminisces about his childhood and his family’s last days before immigrating to America. Luca finds a chance to finally gain his father’s respect by rebuilding a chapel for the impoverished peasants, but when a scheming bishop demands even more, a local strong-arm is rebuffed. Luca disregards his family’s dire warnings, seduced by the praise of the villagers and ignoring the ominous powers heading their way. This culminates in one of the most traumatic experiences Buono can remember as a child, a life-changing event that makes him and his family an even greater target for revenge and catapults him to manhood well beyond his grasp. 130 Pages United States English Official Selection
CHEYENNE At a birthday party with friends, Thomas, a volunteer at the Sea Rescue Society, receives a call from the CROSS MED (Regional Operational Center for Surveillance and Rescue at Sea). Despite the insistence of his wife to stay at the party, Thomas goes on a rescue mission. 0:19:00 France French Best Actor
IN MY DREAM Tarık is an urban child about 8 years old. In a car accident, his father dies, he suffers from memory loss. Her mother is in a coma in the hospital. Since he has no one, he is sent to the village with his grandparents. Tarık does not remember anything, but dreams constantly. He connects himself to a little donkey who lost its mother in a car accident in the village 1:40:00 Turkey Turkish Official Selection
The Therapy What happens when societal norms shift within a marriage? Does success equal power and is power stronger than love? 0:24:00 United States Spanish Official Selection
I MARRIED MY MOTHER "The Universe only obeys the law of love ... at the rest, universe rebels ..." Saverio discovers that his beloved mother, Rosa, is suffering from Alzheimer's syndrome. Disturbed by this, he decides to take her to his home, but because of family problems that arise, soon he is forced to take her to an assisted health residence. One day, at his mother's house, he accidentally finds love letters that his father wrote to her. Saverio reads them to his mother, and unexpectedly realizes that dormant emotions resurface overwhelmingly in her. He decides together with the animator to represent them in a show. These love letters through the mechanism of reminiscence, They will "defeat" the Alzheimer's syndrome at least for a moment... and the son, Saverio, through these, will in turn have some benefits, rediscovering the meaning of the word love. 1:24:00 Italy Italian Official Selection
MY AMAZING GRACE   0:02:46 United States English   Official Selection
The Donbass children This is a movie about the Donbas war, first-person stories. You will hear the stories of so-called "ordinary people". These people suffered from irrational from a military point of view strikes on civilian targets. They are victims of someone's desire to wage war on their territory at all costs. There are no author's comments in this movie and no censoring of the thoughts of the local people. This film was made especially for spectators in Europe, who do not know what is happening in Eastern Ukraine. The purpose of the film is to arouse interest in the ongoing six-year armed conflict and to make people to start to think about the responsibility of each of us for peace in Europe. 1:00:00 Bulgaria Russian Official Selection
Silent Movie The “Cinema Mudo” project is the realization of a short film and at the same time helping and integrating residents of a community living in a high-risk area. All children (actors and actresses) who work in the movie are residents in the community Vila Torres, an at-risk area in Curitiba. They were chosen after a theater classes for children held in that community as part as the film project. Most of the residents of this community live from the collection and recycling of garbage in the city of Curitiba. The story shows three children (two boys and a girl), in the mid-thirties, setting up a movie frame projection room. They build a projector with an empty shoe box with two holes with the size of a film frame. Inside the box they put a burnt-out bulb without its filament and filled with water. This bulb is used as a lens. Children had to wait until the bulb burned out. Those electrical bulbs were rare in those days. Children visit the city's cinema, dig through the trash in the screening room and collect pieces of film for their projections. When the children are going to do the test with the projector, the girl, in charge of filling the bulb with water, let it fall and the bulb breaks. The boys are not happy. After dreams and expectancies, the girl gets another bulb and the projector is ready. On the day of the presentation they invite friends to watch the projection. The sun does not appear and the children are distressed. But, at last, the sun and the light appear and the projection is made. In a dark room a ray of light passes between two tiles. With a piece of mirror one of the children reflects the sunlight through one of the holes in the shoe box. The sunshine passes through the frame, passes through the lamp with water and projects the image on the wall. The short film proposes, as a background, to expose the history of cinema from the transition between silent and spoken cinema. This exhibition is made through the frames with references to the most representative films of the transition, covering the specific period between 1930 and 1934. The photography of the film is based on films from this period directed by filmmakers such as Humberto Mauro, Charles Chaplin, Ardeshir Irani, Mário Peixoto, Carl Theodor Dreyer, Yasujiro Ozu, Josef von Sternberg, Luiz Buñuel, Kenji Mizoguchi, Jean Vigo, Cecil B. DeMille, Mark Fric, Carl Lamac Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, Zhang Shichuan, Yakov Protazanov, Victor Sjöstrom, René Clair, W. S. Van Dyke, Leitão de Barros, René Clair, Aleksandr Dovzhenko, Sergei Eisenstein, Orestes Laskos, Alessandro Blasetti, Manuel de Oliveira, Jean Renoir and Fritz Lang. It is known that with the advent of sound in cinema, which occurred in the years 1926/1927, some directors resisted the new technology. City Lights, by Charles Chaplin, performed in 1931, four years after The Jazz Singer, was still mute. The Vampire, by C. Th. Dreyer, performed in 1932, followed Chaplin's resistance. Yasujiro Ozu made his first spoken film only in 1936. His compatriot Mizoguchi had already experienced sound in his first film “Fujiwara Yoshie no Furusato”, in 1930. In L’Atalante, 1934, Jean Vigo, despite being his 3rd. sound film, preserves the structure of a silent movie. The character Jean after losing his beloved Juliette, remains 23 minutes without speaking in the film. The sequence is a “silent film” within the “spoken film”. Cecil B. DeMille, one of the founders of Paramount Pictures Corporation and, therefore, having the technology available, appropriates the sound only in Madame Satam, from 1932. Sjöstrom only debuted his first spoken film in 1930, A Lady to Love. When he returned to Sweden in 1937, he still made two silent movies. In Ganga Bruta, from 1933, Humberto Mauro used some dialogues, but the film is essentially silent. In Limite, 1931, Mário Peixoto, in addition to making a silent film, uses only a small dialogue with signs, making the film absolutely silent. That same year Ardeshir Irani directed India's first spoken (and sung) film, Alam ara. Still in 1931, Leitão de Barros made his first spoken film in Portugal, with a screenplay by René Clair: A Severa. That year, in Russia, Dovzhenko performed Terra, still silent. The father of Russian cinema Yakov Protazanov had made his first sound film a year earlier, The Miracle of Saint George. The Vasilyev brothers started their careers in 1930 with a silent film Spyashchaya Krasavitsa. In 1932 they made Lichnoe Delo, a mixture of silent and sound cinema. Only in 1934 did they make a truly talked-about film, Chapaev. In that year Manuel de Oliveira made his first cinematographic work, the short documentary (silent) Douro, Faina Fluvial. Sergei Eisenstein had already experienced sound in cinema, but when he made ¡Qué viva México!, in 1932, he preferred, however, to make it silent. Vsovolod Pudovkin's transition film was The Defector in 1933. A year earlier, the wizard of silent film editing Kulechov started his sound films with “The Horizon”. Mark Fric directed with Carl Lamac in 1931, in Czechoslovakia, “On a Jeho Sestra”, the 1st. spoken film of the directors. Josef von Sternberg made in 1929 Thunderbolt, a film with a double version: one spoken and the other silent. In 1930 he made Blue Angel, this one appropriating the sound fully. Fritz Lang and Jean Renoir made their first films spoken in 1931 “M” and “La Chienne”, respectively, incorporating sound as a cinematographic language. The same had already done Hitchcock with Blackmail, 1929, his first spoken film. But, Hitchcock, that same year, still made the silent film The Manxman. Of the 55 films directed by the Greek Orestes Laskos, two were made in the 1930s, both silent. The first was Dafnis and Cloé in 1930. In Italy, Alessandro Blasetti and Mario Camerini began their cinematographic careers with a silent film from 1929. In 1930 Blasetti directed Nerone, the first spoken. The first spoken film in Mexico was “Más Fuerte que el Deber”, directed by Alexandro J. Sevellia, in 1931. The Italian-Argentine Mario Parpagnoli, who directed 30 films, made his last, still silent, in 1930, the musical drama “Adiós Argentina”. In 1930, Zhang Shi Chan made China's first spoken film: Sing-song Red peony. In that year Boreslaw Newloyn made his only film and the first spoken film in Poland: The Moral of Mrs. Dulska. In the same year, in Denmark, George Schneevoigt performed Eskimo, already spoken. Many directors have not adapted to the advent of sound, some have ended their careers. Others incorporated sound into their films as part of their cinematic language. After all, as Béla Balázs said, cinema is the only art in which silence is possible. In addition to direct references to these directors, there are many references to Russian director Andrei Tarkovski. These are, sometimes in the image, sometimes in the audio. The sound of the printing press is mixed with the sound of the train from the movie Stalker. The framing of the girl at the desk with a clock (replaced by an hourglass) in front of her is a reference to Sacha in The Steamroller and the Violin. In turn Tarkovski made reference to Yasujirô Ozu in Passing Fancy. The sound of the rain on the apples is the sound of Stalker, when the three characters talk while sitting on the water in the Zone.The rain on the apples is a reference to Ivan's Childhood, which, in turn, refers to Earth by Dovzhenko. The street sounds in the Cinema's door scene were used sounds from the 1930s from Nanking (China) Brussels, Naples, Damascus and London. 0:15:00 Brazil Portuguese Best Music Score
Stro: The Michael D'Asaro Story Michael D'Asaro impacted thousands of lives around the world as a renowned saber fencer and coach by using fencing as a metaphor for life. 1:28:18 United States English Official Selection
A Piglet's Tale A newly-wed couple struggle to have children. They give up their jobs in London and move to the countryside, hoping to fulfil their dreams. Few years later a very special baby is born, one who can turn himself into a piglet! How will the parents cope with a reality that is nothing short of a miracle? And what if a terrible fate awaited the kid? 0:12:30 United Kingdom Best Animated Short
Going Home Stephanie helps an unemployed hearing impaired friend return to family safely. Later Stephanie finds out that when her friend returned home, she committed suicide. 8 Pages Canada English   Official Selection
Vignettes from a Cold War Child During the Cold War era, a young girl is taught to lipread by her mother and gradually learns how dangerous her father's job is. The family's influence upon her forces her to make a difficult decision. Based on a true story. 13 Pages Canada English   Official Selection
The Saints and Sinners of Jackson Square The Saints and Sinners of Jackson Square explores the spirit of generosity of long time New Orleans’ street musicians. Full 4K color footage of performances on the streets of New Orleans and interviews with these musicians in their homes is contrasted with multi-camera black and white footage of a performance on a soundstage in front of a live audience. 1:28:41 United States English Best Cinematography
Gwen A young newly married couple settle into their new apartment. When Eleanor's mother comes to dinner she realises that there's some things that she needs to face up to. 0:08:00 United Kingdom English   Best Student Film
AGONY There is someone who holds me to contemplations in every moment of my repetitive daily life. I put reins and shackles upon myself, standing before His love through pain. I strive today as well, to know Him as I fight myself off in the extension of similar situations and experiences I have been in for the past 38 years of my life. The belief that true freedom of soul and genuine comfort which cannot be replaced with anything could be enjoyed, in the end of the pain that comes from thrusting myself upon the bottom ground! At this very moment with this opportunity, I am full of agony as I ask questions and answer them. Agony becomes sheer delight with the word Amen. 1:14:05 Korea, Republic of Korean Official Selection
Miracle in the Fall Faxman, an ilusionist and puppeteer, feels he can go back to the love he once lost and bargains his “return to the past” with a “guardian of time.” Places, experiences and the faces of his beloved ones await him. Once he reunites with his love, his time will be up. Beyond all reasoing and in despair, he will compromise on one final attempt. 1:36:32 Argentina Spanish Official Selection
It's Beautiful Beauty is one of our most cherished human values. People regularly exposed to beauty feel better and behave differently than people trapped in the grim and ugly. This film examines the ways in which we enjoy and create beauty; it also identifies the obstacles that stand n the way of beauty in this day and age. 1:08:09 United States Best Editing
Ocean Longtime best friends Lori and Cindy decide that after Lori has a breakup with her boyfriend to take a vacation to the Gulf Coast. After partying hard the first night of their trip, they awake to find themselves alone on a luxury boat in the middle of the ocean. 1:19:00 United States English Official Selection
Infinite Jest A comedic web series 400 years in the making. Among an onslaught of verse and prose the cheery, passionate and undaunted Hamlet helps her community and friends as she intersects with re-imagined characters from the complete works of Shakespeare on outrageous misadventures. Mix Fleabag, Brooklyn 99 and Parks and Rec with Shakespeare and you get "Infinite Jest". 0:00:00 United States English Best Series
A Deadly Charter A short suspense film that tells the story of two cousins, fueled by their own greed, as they plot to kill each other in order to inherit the family fortune...with ironic results. 0:32:08 United States English Official Selection
The Untold Story Of Otto Warmbier: What Happened In North Korea? On January 2, 2016, the US student Otto Warmbier from Cincinnati, Ohio, was arrested in North Korea, where he had travelled with a tourist group. What soon followed was a show trial with his theatrical confession, that he had tried to steal a Propaganda poster from a staff's hotel floor on behalf of the US government. He was sentenced to 15 years in a Labor camp. More that a year later the US doctor Mike Flueckiger and his pilot took off from a small airfield near Atlanta to get Otto rescued from Pyoengyang. The silent mission on a flight route that didn't even exist both succeeded and failed, since Flueckiger only found Otto in a hospital close to death due to severe brain injuries. Filmmaker Klaus Scherer of Germany's number one public network ARD, an award winning former news correspondent in Asia and the US goes after details and contradictions of the Warmbier case, ist torture charges and its political drifts in the powerfield between the rivals and self declared friends Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump. There is no better way to tell the result than Flueckiger does at the end of the film: "Too many lies", he said. And did so in both directions. 0:43:30 Germany English Best Political Film
Burying the Park Eight years ago Sandy devastated Lower Manhattan. Now, the city wants to bury the popular East River Park under ten feet of landfill in the name of flood protection with little community input. With the threat of no viable green space in a lower income, elderly neighborhood for the foreseeable future, community members turn to activism to fight the city for their park. 0:20:00       Official Selection
The animal that therefore I am “What does the animal see when it looks at me?” Three animals and a woman in an enclosed space. As they study each other, their own methods of communication create a wordless conversation. We view them in close-up and from various perspectives, with the woman as a solitary species in this universe. 0:10:37 Netherlands English, French Official Selection
The Blue Tooth Virgin An inside look into the politics of the creative process, two friends, both writers, face the daunting challenge of delivering negative criticism, but learn that the process can become a catalyst for self discovery and growth. Sam, an aspiring screenwriter, and David, a successful magazine editor, have been pals for years. When David doesn’t appreciate Sam’s latest screenplay, it opens a fissure in their friendship, one that spreads through to the rest of their lives. Ultimately, both men must reevaluate their motivations to write, their need for praise and validation, and what it means to see yourself as you actually are. 1:19:35 United States English Official Selection
F20 “F20” is a psychological thriller about a young girl, Martina who stays in the city during summer, forced to work in her father’s pizzeria to deliver pizza though she daydreams about going to the Party Beach. She starts a relationship with a young man, Filip, who spends most of his time at home playing videogames and ordering pizza. When Martina’s best friend goes to have fun over the weekend, her strict father forbids her to go, so Martina uses Filip to circumvent her father’s ban. However, instead of her dreams coming true, Martina’s reality quickly turns into a bloody nightmare. 1:30:00 Croatia Croatian Best Thriller Feature
Room 23 A surrealist experience of doppelgängers who never meet, confined within a small space that only provides bizarre occurrences which forces them to unravel their brain, accept the unexplainable and embrace the blurriness and bloody nature of existence. 0:02:48 Malta English Official Selection
1805 A Butterfly Drive What's really happening at 1805 A Butterfly Drive? A mother and her daughter, a mystery, wild emotions... 0:11:10 Canada French Official Selection
Everything That Could Have Been In 2014, musician Magnus Eliassen moved to Lofoten Islands to write new music. After years of success with the party pop-group Sirkus Eliassen he needed to reset. Escape expectations and reality. In the tranquility of mountains and the sea he finds back to his old rhythm and love of music. After months in Lofoten, he travels to Los Angeles to record and produce the album with star producers. Low-key, acoustic guitar plucking starts to sound like bonafide hit songs. But after Los Angeles, Magnus just went silent again. No new music was released. What happened? Why did he go silent again? Now, 5 years after the months in Lofoten, the music of the solitude and incredible landscapes of Lofoten and LA emerges, as Magnus prepares to hold his first concert in years. A coming of age-film about expectations, escape and self-realization. 1:00:00 Norway Norwegian Official Selection
Seaper Powers In Search of Bleu Jays Treasure Screenplay Embark on a magical ocean journey in this feature-length animated film for young adventurers and families of all ages. Meet Emma, a little girl on vacation off the island of St. Thomas, who discovers magical sea-grass that gives her the power to talk to sea life. Soon enough, Emma has a new group of sea-critter friends. There's Oliver, a shy young octopus who's full of adventure but too timid to explore with his friends; and Steve, an out-of-place starfish who discovers he has powers of his own. Together, the quirky trio set off on a grand adventure to find buried treasure, along the way learning important lessons about friendship, self-confidence, protecting the environment, and the power of imagination. This project is currently in production for a 96-minute full length feature film due out in Spring, 2020. This release is already scheduled for theatrical release in Pakistan. The screen play is based on the award winning children's story: Seaper Powers, In Search of Bleu Jays Treasure. 120 Pages United States English   Best Screenplay
Adam's Package Adam, a quasi-famous male model renowned for his physical attributes, is under house arrest for a crime he didn’t do. Stuck in a townhouse in Venice, California with an opera-singing ghost named Lulu (that only he can see and hear) she is both companion and tormentor. Lulu has led him to a ‘package’ hidden under the house. Government agents have bugged the townhouse and are all over Adam in an attempt to recover the missing ‘package’. What follows in this Romantic Comedy/Murder Mystery/SyFy Thriller replete with outlandish Venice Beach characters and a few live Aliens, is a quirky story about universal love, redemption, government secrecy and the ultimate inability, by anyone or anything, to suppress the truth. 1:21:37 United States Best Comedy Feature
Into the Light of Day A Navy photographer's mate comes of age when he falls in love with an enchanting senorita in Rota, Spain, as he then follows his heart and searches for his future. 109 Pages Spain English   Official Selection
Zu den Sternen Decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall Singer Marco Hoffmann has reached the height of his popularity. Suddenly, the ex-frontman of the East German rock combo DIE KOSMONAUTEN is accused of being by his former band colleague Volker Hinze, that "IM singer" who betrayed him to the Stasi at that time. Hinze demands a meeting, otherwise he threatens his evidence to the press and destroying Hoffmann's life like him destroyed his life. Although Hoffmann assures his innocence, he still relies on the conspiratorial Meet with Hinze. Between the former "blood brothers" a bill arises on life and Death. 1:13:00 Germany German Best Feature
Windows, Windows Villages gripped by fear, families running for their lives, special ops assembled to fight the unstoppable force terrorising the countryside. And the villain- rebellious, ever evading wood grouse. It strikes from hiding and disappears never to be found. Amidst the horrors sits Wojtek in his post atop a hunting box trying to spot the bloodthirsty beast. One night he sees a blazing window in an empty expanse. But there is no house. And the window starts to sway. When he approaches it disappears. One night, to his surprise, in the wagging window he catches a glimpse of a girl. Poetic story set in the abstract background telling a universal tale of yearnings, hounding memories and quest for love. 1:02:00 Poland Polish Official Selection
Shibil (adaptation of the famous Bulgarian story written by Yordan Yovkov) This is a story of impossible love, seen through the eyes of an unexpected character - the incarnated soul of the main character - his horse. The second half of the 19th Century. Because of the weakened power of the central Ottoman government, Bulgaria has fallen prey to disorder, robbery and violent outrage. Skill and bravery turn a local brigand, named Shibil, into a threat to the authorities and a legend among young men. A reward is proclaimed for Shibil’s head During harvest, Shibil meets Rada, the daughter of Veliko Kehaya, the richest merchant in the area and they fall in love with each other. In order to demonstrate his loyalty to the Ottoman government, Veliko Kekhaya devises an unheard of trap for Shibil – using his own daughter as bait. Shibil decides that he will give up brigandage in order to marry Rada and live a normal life. He comes down to the village centre. Against his daughter’s will, Veliko Kehaya weaves his love-trap, which cannot be unraveled, and into this woven mesh fall all his friends and enemies. Shibil and Rada embrace love, which in the eyes of their suffering mothers and the villagers is equal to death. But in the eyes of the narrator – death is just a threshold, and love is an eternity. The narrator of this story is Shibil’s soul. Its personification, according to ancient Bulgarian pagan beliefs is the horse. At the story end, it becomes clear that this story flows through the eyes of Shibil’s horse. 1:55:13 Bulgaria Bulgarian Best Director
"These Boots are Made for Walken" Every time Ronnie gets his heart broken he takes on the persona of one of his favorite actors. This time it's Christopher Walken. Ronnie's brother, Benny, has always been the one to snap him out of it. Unfortunately, this time Ronnie has committed himself to a mental institution. When Benny meets a damsel in distress in the hospital waiting room, he hatches an idea. One that might not only save his brother and free an innocent pooch, but lift the spirits of the damsel's dance-deprived grandmother. 0:24:20 United States English Official Selection
C'era una volta l'albero In Salento, in the south of Puglia, millions of olive trees die. Like huge cemeteries, abandoned olive groves dominate the peninsula. Millenary giants fall victim to an insidious drought. In 2013, a bacteria feared all over the world, Xylella Fastidiosa, was discovered. At the end of 2017, 54,000 hectares and 6.5 million olive trees were affected. With them, the livelihood and identity of the Salentinians is gradually dying. The ecodrama started long before Xylella. It is representative of changes that can be observed in many places in the world: extinction of species, degradation of biodiversity, poisoned soils, water shortage, desertification... The film shows the feelings and fears of people who find themselves between the fronts of environmental activists, big producers, politics, the EU and science. 1:26:44 Switzerland Italian Official Selection
A Pineapple Republic - A History of Pineapple in Hawaii A Pineapple Republic deals with the people and actions that developed the industry and the islands into what we see today. The film dives into a brief history of first contacts between Hawaiians and the outside world. A look at how the pineapple industry developed with highlights on major contributors. The people who came to work the fields and the canneries. It is the rise and fall of pineapples in Hawaii and how the industry helped develop modern-day Hawaii. 1:36:24 United States English Best Documentary Feature
TERROR AND HOPE, The Science of Resilience Is there a role for compassion in the practice of science? Terror and Hope: The Science of Resilience follows scientists and humanitarians as they combine cutting-edge research and informed care to heal Syrian refugee children traumatized by the devastating stress of war. Science fueled by compassion. A future driven by hope. SYNOPSIS Terror and Hope: the Science of Resilience is a story about children and war. It’s about stress so severe and prolonged, it can become toxic. It’s about scientists and humanitarians working to provide hope in what can seem like a pretty hopeless world. And it’s the story of courageous Syrian families raising their children in the face of unimaginable violence and oppression. Their past defined by terror, their future driven by hope. Current neurological and behavioral science offers insights that could have a lasting impact on how we help these children of war to break the cycle of violence. For peace to be even remotely possible, we will need a generation of young people with the capacity to positively adapt to adversity. Our story is told by those immediately involved: Neurological and behavioral teams from Harvard, Yale and Hashemite University; Humanitarian program developers and coordinators in the U.S. and Jordan; and most of all, the young researchers and humanitarian volunteers. If there’s hope for the future of refugee children and youth, it’s due in large part to the teams of aid workers and researchers putting science to work for the oppressed and vulnerable. Terror and Hope tells their story. 0:37:30 United States English Official Selection
Swordsman: Gabriel Moked A documentary portrait of Gabriel Moked, who moved from Warsaw to Israel after World War II, quickly learned Hebrew, and published a literary magazine while still in high school. It was his first step toward becoming an editor and publisher who would shock the young Israeli establishment. A professor of philosophy and enfant terrible of the world of Israeli literature, he was the first to discover and publish works by Yona Wallach, David Avidan, Aharon Appelfeld and others. Today, at the age of 85, after 60 years as publisher of the literary magazine Achshav (“Now”), he has no plans to retire. He draws his sword for another round of battle, with a new generation of Israeli poets. 1:05:00 Israel Hebrew Official Selection
House of La Reine On the eve of the grand opening of her inclusive bohemian bar and performance space, Celia struggles with insecurities about living up to the legacy of her relative who once reigned the stages of Paris. 0:13:08 United States English Best Fantasy Short
Hejleh While trying to enjoy her first night of marriage, Melinda, a first generation American, feels burdened by her Iranian grandmother's impossible request that she prove her virginity. 0:09:40 United States English, Persian Best Drama Short
The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie A young and brilliant academic phenom who not only passes the bar exam at age 14 but finds himself defending his homeless father on a murder charge when few believe he is innocent. He faces a shrewd law firm, an old school segregationist judge, and an arrogant prosecutor who is preparing to celebrate his 50th consecutive case win. 0:29:59 United States English Official Selection
Waiting For Me (Official Music Video) by Madame Gandhi The music video for “Waiting For Me” was conceptualized and produced in India by a female led team and features queer, trans, female and gender non-conforming cast members. With its contrasting industrial imagery and color palettes, the visual brings to life the song’s empowering message, an eco-feminist call to action that eschews institutionalized power structures in favor of forging new narratives of self-expression. Of the video, Madame Gandhi explains, “We as artists have the power to use our art to vividly reimagine the world we wished we lived in. ‘Waiting For Me’ is a song about questioning societal norms as they exist. The video opens with the quote, ‘We always assume our own powerlessness, but never our own power.’ With the interconnected social justice movements happening around the world, we are seeing a larger belief in the power of the collective for change. This music video is a call to action for each of us to examine how hierarchy, capitalism and systemic oppression serve to keep us obedient, with little space for dialogue or critical thinking. My hope is that this video inspires folks to ask, ‘Are my behaviors contributing to the oppression of somebody else? And what contributes to my own oppression? What does my version of freedom look and feel like?’” 0:03:28 United States English Best Music Video
Salt and Pepper Cross roads, forms of love. Grandma Carmen's 80th birthday celebration will bring together several generations of women from the same family in a coastal hotel. A weekend, a family. Different paths, forms of feminism, ways of relating. 1:26:56 Spain Spanish Official Selection
False Teeth Synopsys Han Young Soon, an old woman, loses her false teeth, Her grandson has taken them. She is going to take profile pictures at a picture studio. Her grandson runs to return her teeth to her before she arrives at the photo studio. 0:13:47 Korea, Republic of Korean   Best Foreign Language Film
Salman Bin Hamad - A VISION OF PROMISE One of the first acts by His Royal Highness Prince Salman Bin Hamad Al-Khalifa after being sworn in as Crown Prince in March 1999 was the establishment of the Crown Prince International Scholarship Program. A project very close to his heart, the Scholarship Program is the embodiment of Prince Salman’s dedication to empowering Bahrain’s young people and providing them with the opportunity to study at the world’s leading institutions of higher education, regardless of their religious, ethnic or socioeconomic backgrounds. It is also an important pillar of Prince Salman’s larger vision for the future of Bahrain. In line with the vision of HRH, scholarship recipients choose their own desired field of study and universities to apply to. The fact that scholarship recipients have gained acceptance to the world’s leading educational institutions bears testament to the strength of the Program in supporting its candidates, but more importantly, it validates HRHʼs belief in the outstanding potential of Bahrain’s most dedicated students and their ability to successfully interact, assimilate and compete with the finest students in the world. There is no doubt that for the approximately 160 young Bahrainis that have passed through the Program since its inception 20 years ago, Crown Prince Salmanʼs initiative has been life changing. For Bahrain, it has been transformative, highlighting the strength of the country’s human capital and equipping new generations of young Bahrainis with the skills and qualities required to participate in and contribute to the national and global economies. Respected at home and abroad for his heart, his unquestionable love for and commitment to his country and its people, his outstanding vision and his exemplary diplomacy, Prince Salman has created a legacy that will have an impact on the Kingdom of Bahrain for generations to come. 0:29:00 Bahrain Arabic, English Official Selection
PANDEMIC DIARIES: A NEW BEGINNING During the first wave of the pandemic and the subsequent worldwide lockdown, 24 Greeks from around the globe were asked to record their activities, share their experience and reveal how they coped during the quarantine. They were then then interviewed on their insights: what did the isolation teah them, what changed inside them, how much the pandemic affected their lives and how they see the next day. Some of them even got sick and describe their moments of fear and agony in the dark, before coming out into the light. The documentary takes us to Bali, Barcelona, Berlin, Bogota, Bombay, Brussels, Dresden, Firenze, Glasgow, Jerusalem, London, Melbourne, Milan, Monza, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Rome, Singapore, Singapore, Stockholm and Tilburg. 0:45:00 Greece Modern Greek (1453-)   Official Selection
Can't Reach The Coast The short story of a man trying to reach the coast which is just 2 minutes-walk-away, going across small streets of Emirgan (a historical neighborhood of Istanbul). However he can't reach due to the construction sites and roads closed for maintenance. 0:02:18 Turkey     Official Selection
The Eve - Short film 2015 (English version) Winner of 419 awards (check the awards section and project website link) Simon is an eight-year-old boy who seems to have everything from life. He’s a handsome child, he’s rich yet unhappy. He senses that there’s something wrong with his life and this leads him to wander off thanks to his fervid imagination. His greatest wish is to leave the materialistic world behind since he isn’t fond of it. That’s why the only present he wants for Christmas is for Santa Claus to take him away to live in his fairyland toy factory. At the same time, a secret that his family has been keeping for a long time suddenly comes to the surface and it is feared that the worst might happen soon. The expectation for the stroke of midnight on the night before Christmas is transformed into reality for everyone on the eve of something truly different. Something terrible that might happen. ATTENTION: SPOILER! THE FOLLOWING NOTE MUST BE READ ONLY AT THE END OF THE SHORT MOVIE IN ORDER TO HAVE A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF THE STORY:- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ At minute 17,15 the blurred writings because of the medium quality of this video file says: 'A piece of my wife for this year!' 0:20:00 Not Specified English Official Selection
What if nothing? The main character Andrzej is seeking for a lost royal tomb in Egypt for 30 years. He truly belives that he is one step away from making a great discovery, despite the doubts of his colleagues. Ahead of him is the last mission and the last location where the tomb might be. The story about dreams that are more powerful than all the facts. 0:39:59 Poland Arabic, English, Polish Official Selection
Kuzra - The Psychology of a Female Homicide. Life is defined by paths and visual perceptions Paths offer opportunities for use and abuse Perceptions are mastered by the eyes that give way to interpretation Some eyes could see and tell . Others, Couldn't! A human's greatest struggle is fighting his own demons; Not being led into temptation and delivered from evil. Thus, the forbidden fruit is the ultimate sacrifice of atonement. 0:29:00 Malta Maltese   Official Selection
The Final Stand October 1941. Fascist hordes rush to Moscow. As a result of the breakthrough of the defensive line on one of the direct highways, there were no regular units of the Red Army left and the invaders were able to move in freely. Soviet High command decides to close the gap with cadets from the Podolsk infantry and artillery schools, many of whom were about 18 years old. Their task is to hold out for five days until the reserves arrive. The cadets held out for twelve… Аt a cost of their lives, they did not allow the enemy to reach Moscow, and thereby changed the course of war. The film is about heroism, about love, about true friendship. A large number of real military equipment of the 1940s was involved in the filming. 2:16:17 Russian Federation Russian Official Selection
“SINCE THAT DAY…” “SINCE THAT DAY…” The loss of a child is the most painful type of loss. A child gives the parent an almost super-human strength. When a child dies, that strength disappears forever. From that day onward, the parents of those children are no longer the same. The purpose of this film is to show: Who those children were and what were their dreams. It is a pity that only the parents remember the faces of those children. Is it possible to forgive? If not, is it possible to live the rest of your life in peace? Let’s show everyone that children who died as a result of the stupidity of us “grown ups” will not be forgotten and let’s try to warn future generations about the killer that is war. 1:00:08 Croatia Croatian Official Selection
A Symphony in Stone A 60 min documentary which celebrates Glasgow’s stunning cityscape and architecture.Examining how the city expanded into suburbs and neighbourhoods it offers many lessons for todays city planners and urbanists. It explains how the city’s phenomenal growth and the creation of wealth during the industrial revolution bought about innovation in planning, architecture and design, making Glasgow the second city of the British Empire. Interviews with key experts, aerial photography and archive footage are used to explore the work of well-known architects such as Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson, Charles Wilson and Charles Rennie Mackintosh in the construction of Victorian and Edwardian Glasgow. The film makes excellent use of Glasgow talent: the work of a young, innovative company, Production Attic; Bill Paterson provides the linking narrative; the music was specially composed by Liam Paterson, Scottish Opera’s composer in residence and is performed by members of the Opera’s orchestra. Gavin Stamp, the renowned architectural historian and journalist, makes his final contribution in the film. Whilst acknowledging slavery and the tobacco and sugar trades as a prime source of Glasgow’s wealth, the film is in essence a celebration of the city’s unique townscape and architecture, as well as its significant influence as part of a design revolution across Europe. There is a three minute introduction available by actor Bill Paterson 1:00:00 United Kingdom English  
Everybody Flies Everybody Flies' is Fact Not Fiction Films' latest feature documentary following former Airline Captain, Tristan Loraine, who uncovers the facts about the air we breathe on commercial aircraft. ​ How safe is the air we breathe on a plane? Every day, 11 million people fly across the globe, unaware that the air in the cabin may contain dangerous toxins. For the past 18 years, Captain Tristan Loraine has been collecting evidence and testimonies from crew members and passengers who have suffered this unspoken consequence of flying. Everybody Flies discloses never-before-seen documentation, scientific findings, and personal accounts relating to the controversial issue of cabin air quality. 1:36:00 United Kingdom English Official Selection
“Second Chance” A brave mother with a rare disease writes inspirational songs with her teenage daughter before receiving a transplant where the odds are 50/50. Tara Notrica has struggled with Mast Cell Disease for 12 years. A rare disorder that affects less than .01% of the population. She is preparing to undergo a major medical procedure where the odds are 50/50. During this time, she writes songs that encapsulate her journey with her 13-year-old-daughter, Samantha, who performs them. Together they make an undeniable musical duo with a voice like no other. Follow Tara and her family as they attempt to put this medical burden behind them and start their second chance at the life they’ve always wanted. Second Chance is a story of hope that teaches us how to live in the present and overcome the obstacles of life, a story about life’s Second Chances. 1:15:49 United States English Official Selection
LOSIN' YOU A young musician is seeking inspiration through personal memories indirectly connected with the famous landmark that was destroyed in terrible storm. Inspiration is reflected through nostalgic moments of her love life. These emotions will affect her in an attempt to create a beautiful song. 0:23:40 Malta English Official Selection
1608 1608 is an artificial short film about the impact of the Italian painter Caravaggio. Speculating on the dramatic correlation between the old masters work and actions. His obsession and his genius find their reincarnation in the films two protagonists. 0:06:20 Germany English Official Selection
MAN FROM BEIRUT The blind contract killer MOMO has passed the zenith of his creativity. When, out of an emotional impulse, he denies death to a young girl, he feels guilty and is forced to put his whole life into question. With Momo's desperate escape from revenge, genre conventions are more and more dissolving - in a hard boiled setting in Berlin, Momo's beliefs and convictions - and the semantics of Neo Noir - start to crumble before his dead eyes. 1:22:00 Germany Albanian, Arabic, English, German Official Selection
Night moves Lila suffocates in her brother's hospital room, she his the road. Vintimiglia. Women are loading a truck for a food distribution for refugees who try to cross the border. It's Ramadan, they must eat before the prayer. Carrying bread loafs in her arms, Lila meets Youssef. Youssef doesn't speak a word of french, and he's starving. 0:24:40 France
English, French, Italian, Somali
  Official Selection
The Romey Lynchings: A Story of Lebanese Immigrants N'oula Romey was the fourth victim of racial terror that year in Florida, and one of ten people who were lynched by white mobs across the US in 1929 alone. Just hours before, his wife Hasna (Fannie) Rahme was fatally shot by Lake City police in their store. 0:30:00 United States English Official Selection
Legacy “Legacy” is based on Ambrose Bierce’s renowned “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” novel – which takes place during the American Civil War – into a historical setting in Hungary. Visually the film shows the war-torn Budapest in 1944, in black and white, Film Noir style. This adaptation gives new context to the original story. While in the original novel there is no emotional connection between the lead character and the reader, this movie has a captivating and charismatic female lead, who is trying to repair the sins of her father, a war criminal, by saving Jewish children from certain death. During the Holocaust thousands of Hungarian Jews were executed by the Danube. This tragedy brought out the worst in some people, but also the best in others. A brave few rose up to resist. The film honors these heroes. 0:24:00 Hungary Hungarian Official Selection
Let's talk about a talk This is a story about communication. A woman and a man were having a talk in a Café in Beijing. The atmosphere was so intense that the conversation seemed like a battle without smoke, in which you could see all kinds of tactics. Rebuking,extorting, compromising,advance and retreat, no communicating or understanding. After the hard talk, where would the relationship go? 0:06:29 China Chinese   Official Selection