Aurora e Nicolas: two very different loners meet through a social network. An overload of contact communications seems to get them out of the shrine of virtual connections for a short time. A very short time, disconnected as a distant connection.

Best Actress
emanuela mascherini
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XXXVIII FESTIVAL INTERNAZIONALE DI CINEMA E DONNE-50 GIORNI DI CINEMA Firenze November 8, 2016 Premiere Italy ASTI FILM FESTIVAL ASTI Young Jury Price Italy PRATO FILMMAKERS FESTIVAL PRATO AUDIENCE AWARD AND SPECIAL MENTION OF THE JURY Italy AFRODITE SHORTS 2016 ROMA Italy David di Donatello 2017 preselezione nastri d'argento 2017 roma Sguardi d'altrove Festival 2017 Milano March 12, 2017 Italy Short Film Carner-Festival del Cinema di Cannes 2017 cannes May 22, 2017 France Montecatini International Film Festival- International Road Show Firenze March 30, 2017 Italy Schermi Irregolari Film Festival Firenze March 31, 2017 Special Mention Italy Valdarno Cinema FEDIC International Film Festival San Giovanni Valdarno April 20, 2017 Best Short film FEDIC Authors Italy PIetrasanta Film Festival Pietrasanta May 31, 2017 Special Price of the jury Italy 17 Momenti: Festival di cinema in memoria di Vjaceslav Tichonov Mosca Russian Federation Castelbolognese Film festival Best Actress Emanuela Mascherini and Audience Award European indipendent film award 2017 Official Selection