Between Seconds

"Between Seconds" is the story of two musicians who have grown out of sync with their music and ultimately themselves. Adrian, a classically trained pianist, loses the ability to play in sync with his music when thoughts of his ex-girlfriend flood his mind. Alicia, a struggling opera singer, loses her ability to sing in sync when she realizes she can't really grasp her dreams. Both the musicians discover mysterious red envelopes which lead them inside of their clocks and into a surreal clock world. Here they must figure out how to synchronize themselves or they risk never being able to play their music again.

Jury Special Award
Nora Jaenicke
Country of Origin: 
United States
Screenings / Awards: 
Indie Works Film Festival New York March 4, 2017 Audience Choice Award United States International Monthly Film Festival Copenhagen Copenhagen February 11, 2017 Best Cinematography Denmark Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Los Angeles March 14, 2017 Best Woman Film Maker Award United States LAShorts Los Angeles Gold Medal United States Hollywood International Moving Pictures Festival Los Angeles Best Drama Largo Film Awards Best Editing Los Angeles Film Awards Best First Time Director, Award Recognition Drama, Award Recognition Actress Gold Movie Awards London Winner Best Scenography London New York Film Awards Winner Best Director, Best Actress, Best Cinematography